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Belmont finishes top three at 2020 SEJC

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

The Belmont Vision staff won 11 awards from the 2020 Southeast Journalism Conference at University of Southern Mississippi and placed third at the on-site sweepstakes competition.

Dorren Robinson, the Vision’s adviser, took home the Journalism Educator of the Year award at the Best of the South banquet on Friday night.

Out of 31 schools, the Vision won six awards in the Best of the South competition Friday night, which included content published on the Vision site from November 2018 to November 2019.

Joe Bendekovic won fourth place for Best News Writer.

Justin Wagner won ninth place for Best News Writer.

Bronte Lebo won seventh place for Best Arts and Entertainment Writer.

Steven Boero won second place for Best Sports Writer.

Caitlin Alexander won fourth for Best Television News Feature Reporter

Colby Crosby won ninth for Best Press Photographer.

Members of the staff also competed in an on-site competition during the conference and won five awards out of 180 entrants and 31 schools.

Sarah Lawson won first place for Copy Editing.

Marissa Avnaim won second place in TV Anchoring.

Tina James won third place for Public Relations.

Evan Dorian won third place for Sports Writing.

Rob Redel won second place for Current Events.

Those awards earned enough points for Belmont to place third of all competing schools in the on-site competition.

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