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Belmont hires former Metro Nashville Public Schools Director for new program

Belmont welcomed former Metro Nashville Public Schools Director to the faculty in a ceremony this morning in the WAC.

Dr. Jesse Register accepted the title as the distinguished professor of leadership in Belmont’s education department and will head the new Belmont Center for the Improvement for Educational Systems. The addition of the Belmont Center for the Improvement for Educational Systems will allow Belmont to deliver a curriculum that serves Belmont students and creates opportunities for a national audience.

The partnership with Register will allow him to bring his background of providing innovative and transformative policies to school districts to a broader community, said Provost Dr. Thomas Burns.

Register has guided Nashville’s school district by helping give support to school systems, providing more autonomy for school administrations, reducing centralization and giving more power to teachers to adjust to the needs of students, said mayor-elect Megan Barry.

“When Dr. Fisher asked me to join in the effort to make the educational program—and I quote— ‘world class,’ I couldn’t say no,” said Register.

“Great leaders and great teachers are the foundation of great schools and systems, we have terrific students and faculty here at belmont. I absolutely believe that we can make a tremendous difference if we work together. We expect to be on the cutting edge of success,” said Register.

Also on hand to welcome Register was Mayor Elect Megan Barry, who praised the success Register had with reforming and improving the Nashville Metropolitan School District.

“He took us from a low performing school to being the second highest achieved category by 2013 in NPS and top third of Tennessee’s school districts,” said mayor-elect Megan Barry.

Register built an academic performance framework that,“had become recognized as the most comprehensive 360 degree view of school level accountability,” said Barry.

On a national level, Register will be creating policies and proposals to help develop and improve educational system throughout the country. The new Belmont Center for the Improvement for Educational Systems allow Belmont students to serve the youth of Nashville. With Register, the development and prominence of Belmont will reach education proposals on a national level, said Register.

“I would like to thank President Fisher and Provost Burns for the tremendous offer extended by Belmont University. We look forward to many possibilities serving the youth and families of Nashville together,” said Register.

Register will assume his role  on Oct. 1.

This article was written by Courtney Leigh Bellush

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