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Belmont’s new provost will be on the job Jan. 1

The new Belmont University provost will be Thomas Burns, associate provost at Millersville University in Pennsylvania.

Belmont President Bob Fisher announced Wednesday morning that Burns had been hired and his term as provost – chief academic officer at Belmont – will begin on Jan. 1.

Burns was in charge of the general education and first-year programs at the Pennsylvania school. He was formerly at Yale University, and he said he believes his administrative and academic experience would give him an insight to “strengthen and develop” the university.

“I am aware of the challenges and benefits of working with students and faculty of limitless potential, and I will work tirelessly to promote opportunities that will capitalize on the talents found at the University,” Burns said in his letter of application to the search committee.

The hiring should be the final step in the four-month search process to replace former provost Dr. Marcia McDonald, who resigned from the provost position in July.

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