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BOLD creates student leadership development opportunities

A new program on campus is helping students to be BOLD through leadership development opportunities like Bruin Lead.

The Belmont Office of Leadership Development (BOLD) is offering Bruin Lead as the first of many new leadership opportunities for Belmont students.

The program — which was so popular this year that BOLD had to cap the program at 199 participants — will provide students with an opportunity to gain experience and learn skills that are essential to exemplary leadership, according to BruinLink.

Bruin Lead is part of a larger student leadership challenge called BOLD, which is a values-driven program that any Belmont student can participate in, said Dr. Adrianne Archie, an assistant dean and director of leadership development at Belmont.

Archie was hired in August of 2017, when Belmont created the director of leadership development position to help give more students opportunities to grow as leaders on campus.

For Archie, BOLD as more than an acronym, it’s a calling.

“The kind of boldness that I’m talking about is the kind that will help us become the transformative servant leaders we’re seeking to be. In order to become those leaders, we are going to have to seek boldly for help. I always like to encourage students by sharing that with them,” said Archie.

In order to complete the full BOLD program, students must collect experiences, events and activities at the four levels of engagement — focused on aspiring, believing, becoming and being. At the end of the program, students receive a co-curricular certificate in leadership development.

Getting involved with BOLD is an opportunity for students to learn, practice and apply leadership, Archie said.

To get involved with BOLD, students can search for the organization on BruinLink and request to join the group.

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This article written by Katie McAdams

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