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Bruin Bucks add more off-campus dining

Contrary to popular belief, a buck goes farther these days – a Bruin Buck, that is.

The declining balance account system referred to as Bruin Bucks has expanded beyond the campus to include local restaurants like Noshville, Chago’s and Mafiaoza’s.

“As we’ve expanded and gotten larger, it’s [the Bruin Bucks expansion] something we felt we need to do,” said Don Purdy, director of Auxiliary Services.

Currently, four different off-campus locations are participating in the partnership, and more restaurants will soon join.

Papa John’s, Chago’s Cantina, Mafiaoza’s (carry-out only) and Noshville (both locations) were the first four to agree to the partnership.

Three more options will soon be available to students seeking off-campus dining.

Subway has expressed interest so we hope to have that settled soon and Kalamata’s is in the works,” Purdy said. “In about a week or so, Bei Jing will be working.”

At Bei Jing Chinese Restaurant, on Trousdale Drive, Bruin Buck use will be limited to carryout and delivery services.

In order to be part of the expansion, restaurants must agree to purchase the necessary equipment for swiping cards and sign a contract that states the percentage Belmont receives from each card purchase.

The expansion process has been in the works for more than two years. Former SGA presidents DJ King and Eric Deems compiled a list of more than 20 restaurants to approach about the voluntary partnership.

Data for all 20 restaurants was compiled, and from there, the top 10 choices to carry out the expansion were chosen.

“Deems and King worked really hard to get the ball rolling on expanding the Bruin Bucks program,” current SGA president Rachel McNabb said.

McNabb hopes to have all of the top 10 choices signed on with the program by the end of the year.

“We are still working on getting more locations,” McNabb said. “If we make our way through that list … we’ll need more surveys on Bruin Link or Facebook to see what the student body would like added.”

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