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Caf ice machines to be repaired in coming weeks

For students who arrived at Belmont in the fall of 2016, the large ice buckets sitting next to the drink machines in Harrington Place Dining Hall have become commonplace.

But for some of Belmont’s more seasoned on-campus students, the wait for the caf’s original ice machines to be repaired has been ongoing.

That wait may soon be over.

General Manager of Dining Services Kyle Grover said he expects the ice machines in the Harrington Place Dining Hall to be working in the next two to three weeks.

“It really is frustrating,” Grover said. “We fixed them like a week ago, and then like a day later they broke again.”

Grover said the dining hall is waiting on needed replacement parts for the broken machines.

Currently, students scoop ice out of the coolers. Some use the provided metal scoops, while others — the arguably less germaphobic bunch — scoop directly from their cups.

However, Grover said he has never heard a student complaint regarding the ice buckets’ sanitation.

“We clean them and sanitize them every day before we put ice in them,” he said.

Students can expect the ice buckets to disappear from the caf in the coming weeks.

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This article written by Sarah Everett and Zach Gilchriest. Photo by Harrison Baldwin. 

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