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Campus Security promotes new mission statement

Belmont Campus Security is focusing on a new mission statement in 2019.

Although the department’s main focus is safety, security also wants to work toward forming positive relationships with students on campus.

“We have exceptional officers who love Belmont, and we want to be more proactive in outreach,” said Chief of Campus Security Pat Cunningham. “Engagement with students is important.”

Officers are being encouraged to continue going out and meeting students, forming trust and strong relationships, Cunningham said.

First Shift Captain Tiffany Cooper takes pride in meeting new students, she said.

“Not only do we want to develop relationships, we want to form a friendship,” said Cooper.

Campus Security will begin to host more bonding events for officers to meet students such as convocations and fun social activities, said Cunningham.

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Written by Marissa Avnaim. 

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