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Chapter president confirms Phi Tau in good standing after investigation

The Belmont Phi Kappa Tau chapter was, but is no longer, under investigation by Belmont’s Division of Student Affairs, Phi Tau President Austin Coleman confirmed Friday.

The fraternity is now in good standing with the university, Coleman said.

Phi Tau’s investigation started after Student Affairs found out about a gathering of Phi Tau members that involved alcohol. But Coleman said the gathering was not a fraternity-sponsored event.

“Some of our guys had a small gathering of probably 10 people at their house,” Coleman said. “Pending the investigation, Student Affairs realized it was non-organizational — they found it was just a small gathering, and everyone there was of age.”

Belmont’s Alpha Tau Omega chapter was also recently under investigation by the university — confirmed by ATO’s national Director of Chapter Services Micah Roeder on Oct. 24.

Though it is unclear what started the ATO investigation and if it is still ongoing, Coleman said the Phi Tau investigation was unrelated.

Assistant Director of Student Organizations and Activities Sarah Rigsby could not comment on the investigation, and directed the Vision to Provost Dr. Thomas Burns.

Burns — currently acting as dean of students after former Associate Provost and Dean of Students Jeffery Burgin resigned from his positions Wednesday — could not be reached for comment.

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This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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