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Christian Showcase set for Saturday

The four acts in the Christian Showcase will open this year’s showcase series in the Curb Event Center at 7 p.m. Saturday night.

As usual, the Christian Showcase will be the first concert of the annual series, and students will receive music business seminar credit for attending.

This year’s acts, including Meg Mischler and Friends, Sam Pinkerton, Sarah Eslick and Judah and the Lion, will all battle for a spot in the Best of the Best showcase set for next semester.

“The talent this year comes from a lot of different genres that people would be interested in,” said showcase producer Brandon Hammerstrom. “It should make them want to come out to see the show, and get people excited about the show.”

“The experience of having a full-blown concert put on by students should be enough – you don’t see that at other campuses across the country.”

The showcase series consists of several student-run, student-featured concerts spread out over the course of the year. Each showcase is a competition among the student artists, with the winners performing in the Best of the Best showcase at the end of the year.

“We’re trying to endorse it as a learning workshop for students interested in concert production more than just promoting the talent in the show, so we’ve started promoting [the showcase series] kind of like leadership development for students interested in tour production,” Hammerstrom said.

Students interested in the logistics of putting on concerts can work in several areas of production to help put on each show. That’s brought record number of students out to help put on the showcase.

“We’re really excited for all the new students who are helping put on the show,” he said. “This year we have over a hundred people signed up to come help; this is a new record for us, so we’re really excited to showcase not only the talent, but all the hard work put on by the student crew.”

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