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Country Music Showcase: Jackson Road

Young but determined and more than excited and honored to perform, Belmont’s Jackson Road is ready for the Country Music Showcase.

“We’re honored to play in the showcase considering the incredible amount of talent that auditioned. We’re looking forward to playing alongside Betsy, Baylor and Matt,” said the group in a written statement.

More than just your typical “good ol’ boys” country band, they boast a distinct chemistry and a unique fusion of diverse musical backgrounds.

The group began when Marshall Cunningham and Shawn Hawkins began writing country songs in their dorm room as a side project. After cutting their song “Tennessee Girls,” Cunningham continued to pursue different styles of music while Hawkins focused on his acting career.

Shortly after, Cunningham met Connor Wilson who would eventually become a key influence in Jackson Road’s creation.

Cunningham and Wilson immediately began playing alongside one another for various projects. Eventually, Wilson would come across “Tennessee Girls” and push Cunningham and Hawkins to re-record and submit their music to the country showcase.

Cunningham, Wilson and Hawkins will also be joined onstage by Tim Hayes on fiddle, Ian Munsick on bass, Nick DiMaria as lead guitar and Cole Grubbs on keyboard.

Practice makes perfect for Jackson Road, because their first showcase appearance is their breakout performance.

“This will be our debut performance, and we’re excited to bring a high-energy set to the showcase; hopefully, giving the audience a performance like they’ve never seen before. Can’t wait for Saturday, it’s going to be a great show,” said Cunningham.

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