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Dr. Fisher kicks off the new school year at Opening Convocation

University President Dr. Robert Fisher welcomed students to a new school year this morning and updated the campus community on the progress toward Vision 2020.

After an opening prayer from Vice President of Spiritual Development Todd Lake and a welcome from Provost Thomas Burns, Dr. Fisher took the stage. Comparing the Vision 2020 goals to climbing Mt. Rainier, Fisher emphasized the importance of resilience.

“It’s amazing the progress we’ve made and we’re close to the top,” Fisher said. “But the hard reality is the closer we get, the harder it gets,” he said.

When the university implemented the Vision 2020 plan five years ago, they created seven priorities: students, people, stability, learning, technology, Nashville and faith.

“These priorities defined Belmont and who we wanted to be five years ago and what we were dreaming,” Fisher said.

He went over current statistics, mentioned the new construction projects and discussed the new schools and majors offered to students. Videos also explained the revamped counseling services, reimagined BellCore and programs intended to develop students holistically.

The convocation concluded with a video encouraging students to go through the school year with resolve.

This article written by Katie Knipper. Video produced by Abigail Bowen and Eleanor Westel. Photo courtesy of Office of Communications.

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