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Dunn pleads guilty to fake bomb threat

Two months after reporting a false bomb threat to avoid final exams, 19-year-old Belmont student Carson Dunn pleaded guilty to filing a false report in a Nashville court Monday.

Dunn was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days of probation. He will also write a letter of apology to the university, serve 40 hours of community service, and take a psychological evaluation as part of his sentence.

The sentence came after Dunn reported a fake bomb threat to university officials on May 10, saying he overheard someone threatening to blow up a girl’s dorm and a music building. Because of the threat, multiple buildings, including Heron and Wright/Maddox residence halls, were evacuated and put on lockdown for most of the day. Dunn later told investigators the whole event was done to avoid taking a final exam.

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