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Fall Follies previews: the players

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Catherine Hagedorn

“I started watching I Love Lucy as a child, and I just knew I wanted to be a comedian.”

Belmont senior Catherine Hagedorn has been a player in Fall Follies since her sophomore year. As a mass communications major, she doesn’t find many opportunities to practice comedy onstage. However, it doesn’t stop her from chasing after her dream—to produce and act in her own sitcom.

“I love and admire Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling because they write, produce, and act in their own shows,” she said.

As a one of the longest-acting players in the cast this year, Hagedorn is ecstatic with anticipation for what she has dubbed “the biggest highlight” of her year.

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Joey Kenkel

His sophomore year, senior Joey Kenkel was amazed by the Fall Follies performance, it’s his second year in the cast and Kenkel still is just as passionate as when he started.

“The very act of bringing thousands of people from our community together to laugh and enter a world of ridiculousness is something that is very positive and has incredible value,” Kenkel said.

This two hour event requires months of preparation. The directors, writers, producers and actors spend much time together during and outside of rehearsal. What began as an awkward family-reunion became a close-knit community of people, Kenkel explained.

“Not only are these people multi-talented and hilarious, but they are just plain good people. It honestly is a rare and lucky circumstance that I get to work with such people.”

Inspired by “Saturday Night Live,” Fall Follies puts a comedic spin on the everyday life at Belmont. Kenkel hoped what had drawn him in to participate would leave the same impact on the students who come to watch this year.

 “Follies is an experience that brings the community of Belmont together in a very bizarre and unique way. We get to point out things about our school that we love, hate, or really just confuse us completely,” Kenkel said.

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Austin Williams

Williams knew from the moment she saw her first Fall Follies show it was something she had to a part of at Belmont. As a junior Theatre Performance Major, she still has the Fall Follies program from her freshman year hanging in her room.

She auditioned for Fall Follies at the end of her freshmen year, and when she got the email saying she was cast–she cried.

Even into her second year, Fall Follies continues to inspire and fuel her comedic aspirations of one day becoming a sketch comedian.

“My favorite part of the show is creating and playing with comedy with other people who love it just as much as I do. I’m constantly inspired by these people and the humor that comes from their mouths.”

Williams spent her summer in Chicago and was able to see The Second City’s main stage sketch show.

“I can only imagine the lives of those actors who get to wake up every day doing what they love.”

This article was written by Haley Buske and Brooklyn Penn.

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