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Fisher talks expansion, parking with students

Dr. Bob Fisher opened this semester’s session of “Ask Dr. Fisher” in the Curb Café Wednesday morning with a lyric from Five for Fighting: “What kind of world do you want?”

He proceeded to tell the crowd of students just what kind of world he wants, or more specifically, what he wants for Belmont. Then proceeded to give the audience a run-down of what has already been achieved on campus, mainly in regards to construction.

The question and answer series started with something on many student’s minds: parking. While no immediate solution was given, he believes the parking issue may be partially resolved with two new garages underneath the law school and the new resident upperclassman hall ready for use next year.

Space was brought up again in the session, although this time it was related to the size of the incoming freshman class.

When asked why more people were admitted than there was room for in the dorms, Fisher used past precedent.

“Because we did it before,” Fisher said.

There are 130 triple rooms for freshmen, and to Fisher, that merely illustrates 130 people that otherwise would not have been able to come. The incoming class is 15 percent higher than the previous class, and the acceptances will not be revoked.

Students then brought up the question concerning the shorter winter break. The topic was so hotly contested that the question was posed twice. While Fisher informed the group reasons for the switch included a new potential “May-mester” and more study abroad opportunities, a number of attendees were still not pleased with this change.

This year, classes will start back on Jan. 4, and next year classes are scheduled to begin on Jan. 2. Fisher said the 2013 schedule will probably be changed to a later date.

“I’d rather have a longer break in between semesters because summer is already so long,” said an unidentified student.

Other questions asked varied from the possibility of new areas for the dance department, clarification on student fees and Vision 2015. The buzz of discussion died down with a philosophical question about the future, more specifically, Belmont in 80 years.

By Heather Thompson, Staff Writer

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