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Former R&B artist demonstrates ‘the power of music’

Montell Jordan is positive that there is “power in music.”

In his Christian faith and development convocation on Monday morning, the former R&B-artist-turned-worship-leader highlighted this in his musically-focused lecture. Jordan is most known for his hit song “This Is How We Do It” that peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1994.

“Chances are you aren’t old enough to even know that song but your momma and grandma are,” Jordan said.

Four years ago, Jordan left his R&B career to join the Christian ministry and now serves as a worship leader for a large multi-ethnic church in Atlanta with members from approximately 100 different nationalities.

“He took me through the world of music to get me to the world of ministry,” Jordan said.

Based on his experience in the industry, as well as his own questions growing up, Jordan has come to understand some “truths about music that can assist you in your walk and your journey” that he said could be broken-down into three parts–music has power, music is a gift from God and the music you listen to determines who you serve.

To demonstrate his first point, Jordan sang the entirety of the “Preamble” from School House Rock and then led the audience in the ABC’s.

“Everything you’ve ever written, spoke, texted is consisted of 26 letters that was sung to you when you were 2 years old,” he said. “That’s the power of music.”

Jordan’s next truth is that music is a gift from God.

Music is created by God and he wants us to enjoy it. But some can’t be trusted with this gift, he said.

To further explain his point, Jordan borrowed a pen from the audience and proclaimed it as a gift, a gift that could write a song, thank you card, love letter and a check. It could also be used to slander, to defame or bounce a check.

“Whether I do good things with the pen or do bad with the pen, the pen itself is neither good or bad. Its just a gift,” Jordan said.

The story of fallen angel Lucifer began Jordan’s final truth of the music you listen to determining who you serve and how you feel. Lucifer’s fall and lose of title led him to work primarily in the areas of vanity and beauty. This includes music, said Jordan.

And because of the nature of music, the messages found in the lyrics, melody and even rhythm of a tune can influence you, he said.

Jordan sang snippets from “The Incredible Hulk,” “The Young and the Restless,” “Rocky,” “In Da Club,” “Single Ladies” and his own hit single as examples of how melody and rhythm play a role in how music affects your emotions and reactions both physically and mentally.

The chapel closed right where it began–with School House Rock and its lasting influence on Jordan.

“What are you listening to now that you will be repeating in 40 years from now?”

Jordan’s new album “Shake Heaven” sits currently in the Top 3 on the Gospel charts.

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