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Freshman wins shot for tuition after second chance

The infamous “Shot for Tuition” was finally claimed on Feb. 25 after it had been missed again and again through the course of basketball’s regular season.

Freshman Mark Wardlow, who had shot and missed earlier in the season, claimed the semester of free tuition after making the only shot during the knockout round.

“I was the only person to make the 3-pointer, and I couldn’t believe it,” said Wardlow. “I assumed other people would hit it, and I’d have to go make another one and miss.”

This wasn’t the case, however, as Wardlow was the only one to make the shot after just two attempts.

For Wardlow, though, having his tuition paid for was not the only excitement of the night — after all, he is an avid Belmont sports fan. Through the year, Wardlow makes it a point to attend most Belmont sporting events.

“I went to the games pretty seriously because I really love college sports, and I love getting into it,” said Wardlow. “I love the feeling of going to Belmont games.

Now, Wardlow can enjoy Belmont sports and not worry about tuition for the fall 2017 semester. He is thankful for the process and for the opportunity to participate in the games.

“I was really fortunate through the entire process,” said Wardlow. “It was incredible.”

Photo taken by Hunter Morgan.

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