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Gabhart building scheduled to open in January

After several semesters of construction on the Gabhart Student Center, the light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible.

An email sent on Monday from Provost Dr. Thomas Burns confirmed the long-awaited opening of the new and improved Gabhart Student Center.

Over winter break, several offices will either return to their homes in Gabhart or create new ones. University Ministries and Campus Security will be back in their old spaces. The registrar, Student Financial Services, Bridges to Belmont, Belmont Central and the Office of Multicultural Learning and Experience will move in as well.

Along with movement of the offices, the student space created in the former cafeteria will also be finished in January.

“You’ll remember from our campus-wide Space Reallocation Process, a key theme that emerged was the need for more meeting space for student organizations,” the email stated. “As part of our response, the former Gabhart cafeteria space is being converted to open meeting space, shared student organization office space, conference rooms and student lounge areas, all of which will be available for use in January.”

With the expectation of the completed building and more student space, maybe it won’t be so difficult to return to Belmont after the break.

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