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Kappa Alpha Theta whips up $800 with pay-to-pie event

Kappa Alpha Theta raised $768 Friday for the Theta Foundation with the women fraternity’s first-ever pie event, Pay to Pie an Eta Phi.

It was relatively self-explanatory–participants paid a dollar to do nothing more than shove an aluminum pan full of whipped cream into a member’s face. And it worked 768 times over.

“This is the first time Theta has thrown this kind of event. We were really excited to see what it would bring, but we had no idea the event would get that much attention,” said senior Amanda Barnett, Panhellenic delegate for Theta, in an email to the Vision. “All of my sisters were eager to sign up and let their friends pie them, which was such a rewarding thing.”

The Theta Foundation, KAT’s designated philanthropy, helps Thetas all over the world by providing merit scholarships and a Friendship Fund for those who have “hit hard times,” Barnett said.

Pay to Pie was also a first as it served part of the sorority’s inaugural Theta Week. A seven-member committee was formed to brainstorm events to fill the week, and Friday’s festivities were a direct product of that.

While it was virtually impossible to get a head count of the number of attendees, a steady stream of people, Greek and non-Greek, kept the square underneath the Bell Tower bustling, she said.

Screen shot 2014-10-29 at 12.52.41 PM

One of those attendees was senior Brittany Redd, who was very selective about her targets.

“I just pied my freshman-year roommate and senior-year roommate all within a 20-minute span,” she said. “It felt wonderful. I woke up for this moment.”

Freshman Reid Edington was one of the many Thetas who was on the receiving end of the wonderful feeling and offered a firsthand account of what it’s like to have a face full of pie.

“I was mostly excited to get a pie in the face. They almost break your nose, there’s a little suffocation, but it tastes good,” she said. “At least it’s not shaving cream.”

Better than the taste was what the event stood for–raising money for a good cause.

“We absolutely feel that the event was a success. We had originally set our fundraising goal for this event to be $200. We knocked that goal out of the park within the first hour and a half,” said Barnett. “Belmont’s Greek life and community as a whole really surpassed our expectations. Their support was incredible and we are so thankful that they came out.”

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