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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: SGA should focus less on grant petitions, more on legislation

Letter to the Editor

By Isaiah Edwards

Dear Belmont Vision,

I don’t know who should be more offended: the students who have complaints that refuse to be heard or the elected Student Government Association congress who sits through a 15-30-minute meeting that should last for two hours.

Now, I know this sounds like mutiny from a freshman congress member who is in over his head, but I have to call out my SGA. I refuse to sit in my seat any longer and say nothing. I refuse to accept that we have an organization that gives so much through its grant petition process but slacks heavily on its legislation aspect. SGA is not a bank, and we should not be running from passing legislation that matters to all Belmont students if not a majority of them.

In each SGA meeting, the congress will go through a process where you receive reports from executive council members and committee chairs, and then it is followed by old and new business where you present legislation and adjournment. We as a student body should not be allowing our SGA to adjourn from its meetings an hour and 30 minutes early. It should be excited to have old business to finish up on and new business to discuss more laws and policies.

As a new congress member, I am coming into an organization that has gone through hell and high water with poor leadership in regard to overextending its power. However, I cannot understand how we can be so stuck in the past and not push to learn from our mistakes and help our neighbors here at Belmont.

I encourage any student who has a problem or concern to attend an SGA meeting on Mondays from 5-7p.m., talk to a congress member, and/or drop those concerns off at the SGA office. I also encourage all students to take pride in this community and put pressure on your SGA representatives and executive council.

I write this as an agitated SGA congress member who loves his organization second  and loves his Belmont communityfirst. I’d rather call out our b.s. than stand in it and act like it doesn’t exist.


Isaiah C. Edwards

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