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Live on the Green review, week two

The 90 degree weather and sticky humidity wasn’t enough to stop 18,000 screaming fans from attending the second week of Live On The Green 2014.

The lineup, which featured artists Goodbye June, Wild Cub and headliner The Head and The Heart, was a strong follow-up to the festivals debut, which included Spanish Gold, The Weeks and Nashvillians City and Colour.

The evening started with a warm welcome from opener, Goodbye June. The band ushered in the evening as fans tried to stay cool with craft beer and standing in the fountain.

As the night progressed, the weather seemed to take a toll on the audience. Members flocked to the back of the park, where they were able to cool off in the shallow reflecting pool.

The audience didn’t seem to mind when Wild Cub turned up the heat as it walked on stage. With a high-energy set, the band brought the crowd to its feet.

In a chorus of the crowd vocals, Wild Cub was met with overwhelming support. As the band finished out its set, the crowd cheered and hollered. Followed by immediately refilling their drinks and anxiously awaiting The Head and The Heart.

The Head and The Heart walked on stage and came out swinging. Starting off soft, the band eventually built up to a bold sound. Mixing acoustic with electric guitar, the band capped off the night with a fantastic performance.

The evening’s weather, though, took a toll on the concertgoers. Many audience members were stationed near the food trucks and beer tents in hopes of beating the heat. Because of this, the crowd slowly dwindled and people began to leave before the Head and The Heart finished.

The unusually warm evening smothered the magic that usually encapsulates Live On The Green. While each band did its job to keep the crowd entertained, it fell short of a memorable evening.

Next week’s lineup includes artists include All Them Witches, The Features and Capital Cities.

Hopefully the third week of Live On The Green won’t be overshadowed by the dreadful humidity and heat.

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