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Meet the new Bruin: Luke Evans

Belmont freshman Luke Evans may not have began high school as a member of the cross country team, but he is thankful for the opportunities he has received.

“I did soccer freshman year instead of cross country, but then freshman track season, the coach convinced me to do cross country the next year,” said Evans. “I’m pretty glad that he did.”

Evans is used to living near a city like Nashville as he was raised in a small suburb right outside of Columbus, Ohio. Evans was drawn to Belmont through a familial connection and an interest in music.

“My aunt and uncle live in Nashville and told me all about Belmont,” said Evans. “I came here on a couple visits and I loved it. The other guys on the team are awesome.”

When he has free time, Evans said he likes to read, enjoys playing video games and hanging out with his friends.

In addition to competing with Belmont’s cross country team, he will also be running the 1500-meter, 800-meter, 3K and 5K for the track team.

Photo courtesy: Belmont Athletics

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