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Meet the New Bruins: Nicolo Dini

Nicolo Dini started playing soccer when he was 7 years old, but he never intended to be a goalkeeper.

“My feet weren’t good. I started playing goalkeeper as a joke, and I loved it,” he said.

Dini stuck with the position, and now he’s continuing his goalkeeping career at Belmont.

A native of Milan, Italy, Dini enjoys the differences in the city life Nashville offers.

“The day I reached Belmont, I was so happy. My expectations were satisfied. The people are so kind and lovable.”

Though he thinks it’s unconventional, Dini gets ready for his games by speaking with his family back home in Italy, talking to his teammates and listening to his favorite artist — Ed Sheeran.

Dini wears No. 26 for the Bruins. See him and the rest of the team play Oakland Oct. 21 at E.S. Rose Park.

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This article written by Jaclyn Graybill. Photo courtesy of Belmont Athletics. 

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