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Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph to host talk on start-up companies

Netflix, a popular movie and TV streaming service, was founded the year that most of Belmont’s class of 2019 was born.

One of the two co-founders, Marc Randolph, will host a talk at Belmont Tuesday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. for students and community members, sponsored by the Belmont Center for Entrepreneurship.

The session will focus on the entrepreneur’s knowledge of creating start-up companies– something that he has a lot of experience with. He has started multiple companies, including Visioneer, MicroWarehouse, MacUser Magazine and, of course, Netflix.

After retiring from Netflix in 2003, Randolph spent a lot of time investing in tech start-ups and most recently founded Looker Data Sciences.

For any students with an interest in business, this is a chance to learn from an experienced entrepreneur.

This article was written by Cayli Allen.

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