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New fitness studio opens in Tall Hall

In the midst of Belmont’s many other additions and changes this year, a new fitness studio is now open in Tall Hall to help students maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“With the growing student population, we had some pressure on the facilities in the Beaman. So this was added to help ease the stress of that,” said Director of Fitness and Recreation Jamie Zeller.

The new gym is an attempt to make fitness more accessible for even more students, with a convenient location and an intimate size to encourage students who may not be comfortable in a traditional gym setting.


“People may be intimidated by the noise or the size of the equipment in traditional weight rooms, so this facility was designed to allow students to get a good workout in with a different feel,” Zeller said.

The fitness studio resembles more of a hotel or apartment-style environment focused on cardio exercise.

The space includes treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, pull up bars, resistance bands and ab mats. Noticeably missing are free weights or other large resistance training machines.


“I was hoping that it could at least have a couple benches or free weights,” said Carly Bins, a sophomore Tall Hall resident. “It totally works for simple workouts, but it doesn’t seem ideal for everyone.”

The studio is only available to students, and they can access it through the main entrance of Tall Hall. The hours for the new fitness studio can be foundhere.

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