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OVC events to be aired on ESPN+

Belmont athletic events, including basketball, will soon be aired on ESPN+, according to an announcement from the Ohio Valley Conference and ESPN Monday morning.

Both students and Bruin fans will now have to subscribe to ESPN+ — an online streaming service — and pay $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year to watch the Bruins online.

Before this partnership, OVC events aired on the OVC Digital Network, which is free to access.

Soccer and volleyball will continue to air on the OVCDN this season. However, the championships for those sports will then be aired on ESPN+. After this, all other OVC sports will play on ESPN+.

“Anytime you can affiliate your school, or your conference with ESPN it lends itself to brand credibility,” said Greg Sage, Belmont’s assistant athletic director for broadcasting and media relations.

“I think it can enhance the live event productions we’ve already done.”

Belmont has won nine OVCDN Program of Excellence awards in its six years in the OVC.

The program at Belmont is primarily student run and will continue to be even now that it will be aired on ESPN+.

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