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Phi Mu resumes recruitment after suspension

Phi Mu’s suspension at Belmont, which kept it from taking new members during January recruitment, is officially over.

The reason? The integrity of the chapter’s leaders and members, said Dean of Students Dr. John Delony.

The sorority was suspended by the university on Jan. 26, right in the middle of formal recruitment.

The university sent Phi Mu a letter saying the suspension came as a result of a violation to the Substance-Free Community Alcohol Policy, said Phi Mu President Katy Pena.

After receiving the suspension, Pena met with Delony three times to represent the sorority in the conduct process.

“As a result of her integrity in the process, and some of the other students involved, I backed it up so they could take a class this semester,” Delony said.

Phi Mu also appealed the suspension, but the appeal was denied, said Jackie Isaacson, director of communications for Phi Mu’s national office.

Delony praised the character and respect shown by the chapter throughout the conduct process.

“Katy was so extraordinary in that process,” Delony said. “She stood up for what she thought was right.”

The chapter received an educational sanction for its policy violation and was given an assignment on the interpretation of the university’s policies, as well as a workshop on organizational unity.

“We respectfully worked with Belmont and the administration to handle the matter,” said Pena.

After completing those sanctions, Phi Mu was officially reinstated. Since the chapter’s formal recruitment was interrupted, it will take a new Continuous Open Bidding class through “Spring Recruitment 2.0,” starting on Tuesday.

Spring Recruitment 2.0 will take place on April 9 in the Vince Gill Room, according to a post on the Belmont Panhellenic Instagram.

“I’m hoping the whole Greek community celebrates it,” Delony said.

This article written by Joe Bendekovic and Bronte Lebo. Contributing reporting by Abigail Bowen. 

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