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Profile pic: A snapshot of Belmont’s recent freshman classes

Belmont University once again finds its largest freshman class ever in the recently enrolled Class of 2019.

With 1,394 students, this year’s group of brand new Bruins represents yet another entry in an upward trend of enrollment which has defined the school’s past decade.

At Wednesday’s opening convocation, university President Bob Fisher alluded to this trend, saying that the school has produced more alumni in the past 10 years than it had in its entire history prior.

The school’s expanding represents an effort by Belmont’s administration, as part of its Vision 2020 initiative, to annually increase the enrollment of the school to at least 8,888 students by that year.

The following is an infographic detailing that trend, including number of applicants, number of those accepted and total students who enrolled.

(Editor’s Note: If the infographic does not load on first try, please refresh the page and it should appear.)

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