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Response to my column

I have chosen to take the column down not because it was untrue, but because I did not intend to upset anyone.

I take this matter very seriously and I would never falsely accuse anyone of saying things this extreme. I know what I heard and I stand by my words.

I did not intend to upset anyone at Lipscomb or make them look bad as a community. It was the words of a few individuals, but it is being received as attacking the whole community, which was not my intention.

Everything I wrote was true and my honest opinion on the matter and because of that I am now getting a lot of messages on my Twitter addressing me personally, but I am an honest writer and human being and I did not want to upset anyone. Please put yourself in my position and think of how you might feel receiving the messages you are sending. I truly did not mean for this to upset anyone of you.

I would have written the same thing if Belmont fans were saying hateful comments because this is not about the rivalry. It is about sportsmanship and I did not want to personally upset anyone who read this column.

Sportsmanship and watching what you say in a public setting is a serious issue and I really hope those of you who read the post will take my words into consideration and be more mindful of the things you choose to voice aloud when we all gather Monday for a fun event.

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