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SGA appoints new cabinet at Monday’s senate meeting

The Student Government Association voted in a new cabinet Monday night.

President Meghan Hickok and Vice President Kristin Callahan introduced their cabinet nominees at the first official senate meeting of their term.

“I have full faith that our cabinet is going to be doing some wonderful things this year,” said Hickok.

At the meeting, each cabinet nominee had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the senate before their nomination was voted on. A new treasurer, director of events, director of communications, parliamentarian and chief of staff were all appointed.

The first to be sworn in was Treasurer Austin Lanning. As treasurer, Lanning will work to make sure that other student organizations get the funding they need.

“My favorite thing about senate is being given the resources and support to be capable of truly initiating change,” said Lanning.

Erin Lawrence was next, installed as director of events. Lawrence plans to increase the amount of Title IX events held on campus and to continue hosting student feedback events.

“My favorite thing about senate is being able to make a difference with students through events and outreach,” Lawrence said.

Carrie Neville, the new director of communications, will be revamping SGA’s website and social media in her time on cabinet.

“I love that we get to find another home here at Belmont and be the change students want to see,” said Neville.

Taking on the role of parliamentarian is Grace Friedman. One of Friedman’s roles will be helping to maintain parliamentary procedure during meetings.

“I want to make sure we all play by the same rules so that we can get stuff done,” said Friedman.

The last to be sworn in was Chief of Staff Hunter Lindsey. As chief of staff, Lindsey will help hold the senators accountable for matters such as attendance and dress code in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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