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SGA passes legislation supporting Greek life

Student Government Association publicly announced its support for Belmont Greek life in a meeting on Monday night.

SGA passed four resolutions and one bill during the meeting, with new legislation covering topics such as Greek life, the Bell Tower Chapel and midterm exam policy.

SGA’s executive board wrote “a resolution to stand in support of Belmont University Greek life,” which passed unanimously at Monday’s meeting. The resolution offered support for all Greek organizations, whether “affiliated or unaffiliated,” and encouraged the rest of campus to do the same.

The policy overview for this legislation included many reasons for this resolution and made sure to include the National Panhellenic Conference, the North American Interfraternity Conference and the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

Along with the resolution, Phi Kappa Tau President Curtis Jackson attended the meeting to open a conversation with the members of SGA about how they can show support for Greek life. Jackson encouraged members of SGA to show up to philanthropy events.

“I’m here in support,” said Jackson, who was previously a part of SGA and is now involved in the Greek life council for SGA. “Greek life wants to help SGA any way we can to make Belmont a better community.”

During the discussion with Jackson, one senator asked about the possibility of Belmont adding another fraternity. President Meghan Hickok and Vice President Kristin Callahan declined to comment.

“I don’t know a lot more than you do. I know a little more, but I can’t answer questions,” said Jackson.

SGA also passed a resolution to request that Campus Security change the hours of the Bell Tower Chapel from closing at dusk to closing at midnight.

With this resolution, SGA hopes to provide students a space to worship and pray after sunset.

Some senators pointed out a possible added cost of Campus Security having to pay certain officers more to be available to unlock and lock the chapel doors after usage.

Since the resolution passed, SGA will now take it to Campus Security. If Campus Security denies the request, SGA plans to rewrite the legislation.

SGA also passed the Managing Intra-Collegiate Determinations on Times for Exams Required during the Midpoint of the Semester Act, which will allow students to reschedule some of their midterms if they have more than three on the same day.

“If a student were to have four or more midterms on the same day during the midterms testing period, the student would be allowed to reschedule as many midterm exams as desired until the student’s midterm exams on a certain day are three,” according to the bill.

The MIDTERMS Act passed after much discussion regarding whether or not it would apply to only midterm exams or all exams falling within the midterm period. The senate decided it would be up to professors to make that decision.

All resolutions presented in the meeting passed with unanimous decisions from the senate.

Photo courtesy of Kristin Callahan. 

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