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SGA Vice President Macy Thompson delivers goodbye speech in Monday meeting

SGA Vice President Macy Thompson — who will leave her position for the spring semester in order to attend Belmont West — closed Monday’s meeting with a goodbye speech.

Read the full speech below: 

When I first came to Belmont, I entered into music performance classes where we had around 10-15 students in each class. It was hard for me to branch out and talk about the other things I was interested in while being consumed in the music world constantly. As I enjoy that life and never regret a single day, the Student Government Association seemed like an organization where members had a purpose, students were valued, and my time would be well spent. I joined. I started at the bottom and worked my way up in this organization, not because I saw a chance to re-organize my LinkedIn profile or build my resume, but because I wanted to make a difference in my everyday life that could impact other students just like me. I was on Policy Review my first year in SGA where I felt intimidated by the serious faces and business attire. However, I opened up my eyes during those meetings and learned what I could in order to become a successful member of this organization for years to come. As this is not a summary of my time in SGA, but a time to thank for constantly pushing me and being sympathetic to mistakes that I made during my first times as your Vice President. I also thank you for the many friendships I have made and are still making in SGA. I mention my beginning in SGA as a reminder to all of you that you can come in knowing nothing, but leave with something. I studied Parliamentary Procedure so much that it became a daily routine, I met with people from the past executive board, and I went to multiple Deans around school to find out their needs and concerns. It paid off. I will not list my accolades as some are more unseen than others, but that is the price you pay when you serve. It is a good feeling, and I know that I am leaving feeling I did the very best I could. For all of you, the legislation you bring forward, the organizations you fund, the events you put on for students, and so much more is leaving and will continue to leave room for growth in this organization, if you allow it. Hard work will pay off, and I expect the most out of you in this organization. For the chairs I appointed, it was for a reason. There were hard decisions that left myself contemplating the decision for hours at a time because there were so many great options; “members”. I encourage more to strive for leadership within leadership. Because I pursued such leadership within leadership, I stand before you and thank you for allowing me to be your guide through Congress meetings and through your SGA journey as a whole. It is not easy standing up here in front of such a respected group of people. In fact, it is quite intimidating. Be kind to the next Vice President as they make their way through that transition. I look ahead at you all and already know that most, if not all of you, will be running businesses, directing companies, and striving for the goals you already have in place at this moment. Remember these people though as you walk out into your careers after Belmont and know that SGA members will always have a special bond. Thank you for your encouragement and understanding as I leave for California in the spring to pursue music supervision. However, do know that I will be keeping in touch and possibly sending ideas to you all as I constantly yearn to remain working with such great people. I will leave you with this as you continue without me serving the student body. Recognize your power, your gift, and your purpose: As Henry Mintzberg once said “Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it.”

At the start of the spring semester, Director of Policy Review Frederica Solomon will fill the vice president position.

— —

Photo courtesy of Macy Thompson. 

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