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Stevie Giorno and Lexis Bramer inaugurated as SGA president and vice president

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Belmont’s Student Government Association gathered in the Beaman Student Life Center Monday evening to formally introduce its new leadership — President Stevie Giorno and Vice President Lexis Bramer.

Giorno and Bramer were inaugurated Monday night in front of a crowd including fellow students, SGA senate and university President Dr. Bob Fisher, who said he looked forward to working with the new student leaders moving forward.

“When people talk to each other, things get done,” Fisher said, addressing the new student leaders.

“I want to talk to you, and I know there’s a reciprocal desire there … I look forward to working with you.”

Former SGA President Meghan Hickock also spoke before the audience; she reflected on her experiences with SGA and its relationship with Belmont’s administration and other student organizations, saying that cooperation was key in representing the student body.

Bramer and Giorno both gave brief speeches before pledging to serve the student body and accepting their new roles as leaders of SGA.

“We strongly believe that change begins with the students and that’s what we want to emphasize during our term,” Bramer said. “Stevie and I will utilize student feedback to make our community the best version of itself.”

In his speech, Giorno thanked his family and God for the opportunities afforded to him and said that Belmont should be proud of its status as a civil platform for its students, especially given the upcoming presidential debate.

“We’re one of the most civil colleges in all of America,” Giorno said. “And that is something we have to take pride in and continue that trend, especially in America today, where it’s so divisive.”

After the inauguration, Bramer said that while she and Giorno looked forward to assuming leadership roles, their focus would be on supporting the students that got them there.

“I’m looking forward to keeping it transparent,” Bramer said. “We do hold titles as president, vice president, but our first was as students at the university.”

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