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Student backlash follows enrollment of former Yale basketball captain expelled for sexual misconduct

Belmont students voiced opposition Tuesday over the university’s decision to enroll a former Yale University basketball captain who was expelled from the Ivy League school for sexual misconduct.

“Jack Montague is enrolled in Belmont University’s Adult Degree program which allows adult students to complete their degrees on a flexible time schedule,” acknowledged Belmont Director of Communications Greg Pillon in a statement.

“The safety of our students is always our top concern and is carefully considered as we make offers of admission,” he said. “We do not admit candidates that we think pose a risk to our community.”

Montague was expelled after a Yale panel ruled last year he had non-consensual sex in October 2014, according to Montegue’s attorney, Max Stern of Boston, in a statement.

Many Belmont students said they were extremely upset about the decision to admit Montague, and took to social media to challenge the university’s decision.

“It’s sad to think I poured all of myself into this university and this is what it’s becoming, but I’m pretty happy that I will no longer be affiliated with Belmont come Friday,” posted Mare Rote, member of Belmont’s 2015-2016 Orientation Council.

She graduates Friday.

Another student said she was angry and took the admission personally.

“I myself am a victim of sexual assault and harassment… one of the things that really attracted me to Belmont when I was growing up is the fact that they had a zero tolerance policy and their Title IX really felt welcoming,” said a sophomore in an interview with the Vision.

The Vision does not identify victims of sexual assault.

Belmont’s decision “says that they don’t care about victims. They don’t care what happened in our past. They don’t care about Title IX,” she said.

“I feel like it is creating a double standard.”

Montague is suing Yale saying his expulsion was “excessive by any rational measure,” said Stern.

“We strongly believe that the decision to expel Jack Montague was wrong, unfairly determined, arbitrary,” said Stern in his statement.

Montague, a standout player for the Bulldogs, will not be allowed to play for the Bruins.

“Jack Montague exhausted his NCAA basketball eligibility at Yale,” said Pillon.

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