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Student interests play into decisions regarding updated face of Music Row

There are changes coming to Music Row, and Belmont students may have a voice in updating the iconic area.

The Music Row Planning Commission is made up of 10 community representatives– eight selected by the mayor, one attending as the mayor’s surrogate and one from the Metro Council– and has been working on ways to update Music Row to make it the best it can be for both Nashvillians and tourists since February 2015.

The commission had its most recent meeting mid-January.

Since Belmont is adjacent to Music Row and changes will impact Belmont students, members of the planning commission held an informational convocation session at Belmont discussing the intended plans and asking students for their feedback.

Most of the students who attended were Curb College students and were focused on preserving the history of Music Row and making it worthwhile for young professionals.

The commission also plans on making Music Row more pedestrian-friendly and giving it more of a community feel–an opportunity planning commision member Stephanie McCullough thinks could better connect students to professionals in their fields of interest.

“Community changes could provide more opportunities for students to interact with others from the industry in a real and meaningful way,” McCullough said.

Planning staff is accessible and would love to hear student viewpoints on how they think Music Row should look.

“Planning staff would love to have another opportunity to meet with students on campus or perhaps take a tour of the area together when the weather is better. The planning department has a Facebook page and can also be found on Twitter and,” McCullough said.

To learn more about the history of Music Row, you can visit

This article was written by Cayli Allen.

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