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Students receive wrong number of declining points

Some Belmont students noticed Friday that their declining points balances did not match the balance advertised on Belmont’s cost estimator or their MyBelmont accounts.

The university has since corrected the issue, which affected students on the 7 meal per week plan.

English major Jayrah Trapp noticed the issue when her eAccounts statement showed she only had 400 declining points. This didn’t match the meal plan description on MyBelmont, which included 425 declining points.

On Friday, Trapp posted about her frustration on Facebook, and other Belmont students said they experienced the same issue.

“I posted to the community Facebook page asking if anyone else had this issue. The comments on that post revealed that everyone did,” said Trapp.

Music business major Autumn Johnson was frustrated by this error, she said.

“When it’s listed as so on the actual bill where we pay tuition, it’s hard not to feel a little cheated,” said Johnson.

When the Vision reached out to Belmont Dining Services on Friday, they were unaware of the issue.

On Saturday, Keith Chapman, Belmont’s managing director of Auxiliary Services, addressed students’ concerns.

“Upon investigating this issue, the university discovered that its ‘Cost Estimator’ shows that the students correctly expected 425 declining points for the 7 meal a week plan, though their accounts were only showing 400,” Chapman said. “We are going to correct students’ balances by adding in 25 more declining points within the next week.”

“We truly regret this error and the confusion it has caused.”

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