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Subway, Kalamata’s now accept Bruin Bucks

Students now have even more choices for off-campus dining as local restaurants Subway and Kalamata’s join the Bruin Bucks program.

These two new partnerships, along with Chago’s Cantina, give students three restaurant options on Belmont Boulevard where Bruin Bucks are accepted.

“This is something we’ve been looking into for a long time,” said Don Purdy, director of Auxiliary Services, “We wanted to provide students with more options for off-campus eating, because, really, it is their money.”

Other nearby restaurants like Papa John’s, Noshville (both locations), Bei-Jing (delivery and carryout) and Mafioza’s (carryout) signed on with the Bruin Buck program earlier this year.

Purdy said the push for expanding Belmont’s dining options came after students expressed the need for off-campus dining, especially during times such as weekends and breaks, when eating on campus was unavailable.

Using student-submitted surveys, Belmont approached the most requested restaurants with the proposed idea for incorporating the Bruin Buck system into their businesses.

According to Purdy, Subway and Kalamata’s will likely be the final two partnerships Belmont makes for the academic year, but that does not mean an end to off-camping dining expansion.

“Belmont is continuously looking into making deals with more vendors in the future,” he said.

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