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Tattoo of the week: Olivia Adams

Olivia Adams Tattoo

Of her nine diverse and colorful tattoos Olivia Adams, a junior music business major at Belmont, is by far the most infatuated with her most recent and largest tattoo.

“I think every time I get a new tattoo, that one is my most favorite. They’re all my favorite really but my newest is the best one, at least for right now,” said Adams.

A red Victorian-style mansion, a giant pinwheel and banner displaying the phrase, “Home Away from Here” are the key components of this thigh sized tattoo on the back of her left leg.

“There is no story behind it, no experience with a red house or anything. I think what a lot of people don’t understand about tattoos is that they don’t always have some sort of extreme meaning. I saw it, I liked it and I like the way it looks on my body. All tattoos have stories but they don’t always immediately relate to you or some grand defining moment, they are pretty. My tattoos make me pretty,” said Adams.

Russell Hickman a tattoo artist at Safe House Tattoo, located in Edgehill Village, is responsible for Adams’ tattoo. The tattoo took a few days of sketching and conceptualizing before the final idea was presented and agreed upon. The entire process took about six hours and a price tag of $350, not including the $100 tip.

-Gracie Helms

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