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Taylor, Stover withdraw ticket from SGA election

After one day of campaigning, Zach Taylor and Braden Stover have decided to withdraw their ticket from the ballot for Student Government Association president and vice president

In an email statement to the Vision Tuesday morning, the candidates said they could better serve Belmont in other capacities. The entire statement is as follows:

“After much consideration and advice from countless individuals, Braden and I have chosen to withdraw from the SGA Presidential Race. We analyzed all of the goals we want to accomplish to represent the voices of the student body and realized that the Presidential and Vice-Presidential positions lack the ability to make change we wish to see. While we have complete confidence in our ability to run a highly successful Student Government, the right answer does not seem to be in us both being on executive cabinet. This is a decision that has been thought over for the last week and was agreed upon wholeheartedly by both Braden and myself.”

Justin Smith, the chair of the election commission, released this statement as well:

“This morning I received confirmation that Zach Taylor and Braden Stover had officially withdrawn their ticket from the SGA Presidential/Vice-Presidential Election. I and the rest of the Election Commission wish them the best of luck and know that this decision was not made lightly.”

The withdrawal leaves Jonathan Rankin and Jade Cooper running unopposed. In a statement to the Vision, Rankin said that he and Cooper are planning to continue their campaign as planned and sharing their vision for Belmont with the students.

“We hope Zach and Braden will continue to serve the student body however they can and wish them the best,” he said in his statement.

The polls will officially open on March 25 and close on March 27.

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