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Thank you, Steve

Please leave a comment below about your thoughts, feelings or memories of Steve Jobs, his empire and how you discovered the news.

Visionary founder of Apple, Steve Jobs’ creations not only excited consumers with new possibilities but also informed those same valued customers of his death.

His products’ long reaches can be seen nearly everywhere. Just a quick sweep of Belmont’s campus will reveal shiny iMacs in the library and media lab, a plethora of iPods shoved in pockets and an overwhelming amount of MacBooks in nearly every classroom on campus.

The brand loyalty Jobs built, a rare thing in the technology world, centers on products that deliver what they promise, whether through faster software or a sleeker design.

Students, professors, and even soccer moms have developed a love for the products and an admiration for the man that was the face of an entire company.

Known for his simplistic style and drive to streamline products and processes, Jobs will forever be remembered as the man that saved Apple and for developing products that make the world seem just a bit smaller.

Not even 24 hours after his death, the difficult task of honoring Jobs’ memory is under way.

Too bad there’s not an app for that.

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