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Thesis kicks off new company

One Belmont student’s senior thesis recently came to life at Nashville’s Ocean Way Studio A when he launched Bruin Publishing, the Curb College’s new student-run publishing company.

Honors student Kevin Grosch’s idea stemmed from the need he saw to combine the talents of Belmont music business students into one initiative. With help from Curb College faculty and the Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Bruin Publishing was born.

“The goal of Bruin Publishing is to give students invaluable hands-on experience, and a solid understanding of how they will be interacting with publishers, record labels and other business professionals in the industry,” Grosch said.

Belmont writers, musicians and engineers will come together and help develop the company’s catalog of Belmont songwriters’ works, while music business students will provide catalog administration, organizational functions and song plugging services.

The collaboration among talent at Belmont will serve as a basis for solid contacts for students after graduation, Grosch said.

Bruin Publishing will also provide opportunities for writers to showcase their works at regular writers’ nights at leading Nashville venues.

Sarah Cates, the Curb College strategic programs director, views Bruin Publishing as a training ground for all music business students.

“The industry will be able to count on Bruin Publishing credentials as a guarantee that our graduates will be able to hit the ground running and perform to the highest professional standards,” Cates said.

Getting involved Students interested in learning more about Bruin Publishing or who want to get involved should email Grosch at

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