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Train like a Pred.

The strength and conditioning coach for the Nashville Predators led a workout class Wednesday in the Beaman gym that was open to all Belmont students.

The coach, David Good, guided 26 students through a workout similar to the ones endured by the Predators’ players. The workout, called Tabata, is designed to emulate a hockey game by emphasizing high-intensity intervals broken up by brief resting periods. No equipment was used.

Jamie Zeller, director of fitness and recreation, is responsible for bringing Good onto the campus and had nothing but positive things to say about the event.

“It was great. The students loved it, everybody made it through and everyone had a great time,” he said.

This class actually marked the second time Good—whose wife is a recent Belmont graduate—appeared on campus. During the summer, he spoke to this year’s Bridges to Belmont cohort about basic fitness and nutrition and had “great conversation” with Zeller, he said.

“I had seen something online about fitness and conditioning and wellness videos,” he said. “I’m never afraid of emailing people to get people on campus.”

Other prominent figures who have led fitness classes at Belmont before include Eddie George—a former Tennessee Titan and Heisman Trophy winner—and Carter Hayes, a local trainer who has worked with contestants on “The Biggest Loser.”

While Good was not the first local trainer to visit Belmont, he most certainly will not be the last.

“We have intentions to bring people in. We’re working on an instructor to teach Pound, a workout which incorporates drum sticks,” said Zeller.

In addition to new trainers, Good expressed interest in returning later in the fall to teach a class on basic health, nutrition and fitness, he said.

The class is indicative of a more broad relationship between the Nashville Predators and Belmont University, including the addition of the president and owner of the team to the sports administration masters faculty this year.

“We have lots of connections and a good partnership and relationship,” he said.

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