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UM Immersion Trips offer opportunities to serve

Immersion-a deep mental involvement, a baptism or  in the case of  the up-coming University Ministries’ Immersion Trips,  a chance to explore, learn and serve.

“We’re taking just a week to really immerse students or ourselves or whoever goes on the trips into local cultures, into acts of service, into exploring what it is that God is up to in the world in various and sundry places,” said Micah Weedman, director of outreach.

The trips go to various cities all over the country during Spring Break. So instead of going to the beach with friends, participating students will learn about a variety of issues in a society and encounter different lifestyles; including a taste of life on the farm, near the U.S./Mexico border or in poverty.

“What we want to do is build in opportunities to engage and learn from the populations that exist in these places,” Weedman said.

Each trip also has a theme, such as poverty in Washington D.C., urban in New York and community in Tacoma. With a wide variety of areas and themes, students can choose which one fits with them, and get a different experience from vacation.

“When else are you going to spend a week in the hood of New York?” he said.

The trips are March 3-10. Each trip costs $450, which is due by the sign-up deadline, January 19. A $150 deposit is also due at the time of registration. The cost includes travel, accommodations, food and supplies.

For more information, contact Alysia Green at or Micah Weedman at or call 615-460-6419. Check out their website at

1. immersion.borderEl Paso, TX Focus on immigration issues and works with a ministry who helps immigrants. 2. immersion.communityTacoma, WA Dive into the L’Arche community and help people with handicaps. 3. immersion.creationCumberland Island, GA Meditate on nature on this camping trip. 4. immersion.justiceSan Francisco, CA Focus on the meaning justice in a socially thriving city and its communities of illegal immigration, human trafficking and gays and lesbians. 5. immersion.katrinaNew Orleans, LA Stay in a communal house while living in a city that is still dealing with the effects of Hurricane Katrina. 6. immersion.povertyWashington, D.C. See poverty in the country’s own capital. 7. immersion.ruralAppalachian Mountains, WV Learn about living in a rural community and the hardships that come with it. 8. immersion.urbanChicago, IL Focus on the issues of inner city children. 9. immersion.urbanDetroit, MI Experience the issues of this economically traumatized city and its environment. 10. immersion.urbanNew York, NY Work with many groups in the city, including at-risk children, victims of HIV/AIDS and people struggling to afford rent.

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