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UPDATE: Belmont acquires International Market & Restaurant in $6.5 million deal

Belmont University acquired the long-coveted International Market & Restaurant on Belmont Boulevard Thursday afternoon, further expanding the university’s reach into the surrounding neighborhood.

The Tennessean reported Friday morning that the acquisition was made in a $6.5 million deal. However, as of publication Belmont would not officially confirm whether that amount was accurate.

Additionally, Fisher showed a map of Belmont’s acquired properties during his speech. Belmont’s properties covered the majority of the small property map in blue, while properties not owned by Belmont appeared in red.

The four lots acquired from the Myint family Thursday — 10, 11, 12 and 13 on the map above — were noticeably red during the speech.

“While Belmont doesn’t have any immediate plans for this property, I’m excited to see how we can use that corner of the campus in the coming years to serve our students,” Fisher said in a letter to senior leadership. “I’m especially grateful to the Myints for embracing education as the future product of this site; a property that has allowed them to live their dream will now enable future generations to do the same.”

International Market will remain open for business for the foreseeable future.

As of publication, the Myints still own several other Belmont Boulevard properties, including both PM and blvd Nashville.

The Myint family also released a statement in support of Belmont’s expansion.

“We are proud of Belmont University’s growth and optimistic for Nashville’s evolution,” the statement said. “The time is right for our family, and we would like to extend our deepest gratitude for everyone’s support over the last 40-plus years.”

UPDATE: 2:44 p.m. The restaurant and three other properties were part of a $6.5 million deal, confirmed by the Davidson County Register of Deeds. The property acquisition was signed on Thursday and was officially recorded with the office on Friday.

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Photo by Harrison Baldwin 

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