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Update: Metro and Campus Security officers chase down, arrest individual outside Johnson Center

Metro Nashville Police and Campus Security officers chased down and arrested an individual outside the Johnson Center around 9:15 p.m. Thursday night.

About four or five officers were seen inside the Johnson Center, standing outside the Large Theater before quickly moving toward the Harrington Place Dining Hall and sprinting out the doors toward the lawn and Bell Tower.

At this time it is unclear why the arrest was made, or who the individual arrested is.

Three unmarked Metro cars, one Metro patrol car and a Campus Security patrol car were seen parked outside at the time of the arrest.

Campus Security could not provide any further information to the Vision as of publication, but said the situation was being handled by Metro police.

Metro police confirmed an arrest was made and that the individual was taken to jail, but could not provide further information.

Update: 03/02/2018, 12:33 p.m.

Metro police arrested a juvenile Sodexo employee on campus Thursday night who allegedly violated the terms of his probation, according to a statement from the university.

“The subject attempted to evade the officers, resulting in a brief chase and capture outside of the Johnson Center,” according to the statement.

The university did not send out an alert, because no students were at risk, said Chief of Campus Security Pat Cunningham.

“There was no threat to the campus community, and there was never anyone in danger, so it doesn’t qualify for a timely warning alert situation,” he said.

In the past, Campus Security alerts have warned students about issues like thefts from motor vehicles on or near campus and “suspicious activity” such as indecent exposure near campus.

“Belmont sends out emergency alerts when a serious crime is determined to pose an imminent threat to our campus. This includes serious crimes that occur on campus as well as those in immediate proximity to the campus border,” according to an email sent by campus security in November.

This update written by Bronte Lebo. 

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