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Urban Pop Showcase preview: Morgan Bosman

Introducing artist Morgan Bosman:

Influenced by hearing her dad play jazz and growing up in church surrounded by gospel and soul, senior Morgan Bosman formed her style.

“It’s throwback, old-school, grooving music. It’s something you would bob your head to, and it’s very groovy,” Bosman said.

Starting with singing at churches, talent shows and musicals, Bosman didn’t begin songwriting until her freshman year of high school. During her first year of college, Bosman became more serious about her work.

She’s excited to perform in the showcase during her senior year at Belmont.

“My music isn’t typically what you would hear in Belmont’s Urban Pop Showcase. So, I was like ‘why not?’ I’m so glad I got the opportunity, and I thought I’d give it a shot, hoping for the best.”

Playing with Bosman at the showcase is Ben McAnelly on bass, Derek Johnson on guitar, Jason Simons on drums and Tyla Daniels and Katie Anderson on background vocals.

The band played with Bosman at her first show in Nashville, Tenn.

“It’s kind of fun how it’s full circle now, and we get to do the showcase together,” she said.

Bosman plans to release her first EP “Morgan Bosman” in January of 2015.

This article was written by Brooklyn Penn.

PHOTO: Shelby Goldsmith

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