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Vision website wins best in the state from Tennessee Associated Press

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

The Belmont Vision won nine awards from the Tennessee Associated Press this year — including first place for best college news website. 

“We have an incredibly talented group of students,” said faculty adviser Dorren Robinson. “They create professional-level work every day. I am so pleased that their work is recognized by the Associated Press.”

The Belmont Vision staff won three first places, three second places, three third places across a variety of categories recognizing the Belmont Vision website and student reporters.

The list of winners are as follows:

The Vision won first place for its website under the direction of former editors Joe Bendekovic and Bronte Lebo.

Steven Boero and Abigail Bowen, first place for TV Sports Coverage/Program.

Caitlin Alexander and Ben Sherrill, first place for Television Reporter.

Marissa Avnaim, second place for TV Specialized/Topic Reporting.

Abigail Bowen, Madison Bowen and Justin Wagner, second place for TV Feature Story.

Abigail Bowen, second place for Videographer.

Steven Boero, third place for Online Sports Reporting.

Caitlin Alexander and Ben Sherrill, third place for TV Sports Reporting.

Abigail Bowen, third place for TV Newscast.

This article written by Madison Bowen.

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