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‘Whole Lotta Shaking Going On’

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, I want a double boom,” Belmont students will live with the construction equivalent of the 1990s dance hit by the Vengaboys for a few months. Blasting starts next Monday for the new Randall and Sadie Baskin Center at the corner of Acklen and 15th Avenue.

Blasting will occur four times a day Monday, Wednesday and Friday and three times a day on Tuesday and Thursday, according to an e-mail sent to students. For a brief period before and during each blast, Belmont will keep students inside Patton, Maple and McWhorter, and will stop car and pedestrian access on the surrounding streets.

The blasting lasts until February, so load up your iPod with the hits of the Vengaboys and enjoy the “boom, boom, boom, boom” that will be your soundtrack for the winter. —Kevin Heim

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