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Counseling Services cut nearly in half, loses three employees


Within the past week, three employees have been removed from the Office of Counseling Services staff page — including the director and assistant director.

Peg Leonard-Martin, the former director of Counseling Services, is no longer employed at Belmont as confirmed by Human Resources on March 20.

In addition, Georgia Alexander, the former assistant director of Counseling Services, and therapist Adriel Johnson are also no longer employed at Belmont, according to Human Resources.

With three employees gone from the Office of Counseling Services, that leaves only four to help students as some of the most stressful times are getting nearer.

The end of the semester is approaching, which means the due dates of papers, projects and presentations are approaching as well.

More than 85 percent of college students have felt overwhelmed by what they’ve had to do, according to the 2015 National College Health Assessment.

Counseling Services can serve as a safe haven for students needing help.

However, with a student population of almost 8,000 and a counseling services team cut down by nearly half, it could be difficult to help everyone who needs it.

The department page no longer lists a director or an assistant director, and that leaves a lot of responsibility on three therapists and an office manager.

Before spring break, Counseling Services was already increasing the workload the current workers had to take, said Leonard-Martin.

“We are tackling the waiting list in double time,” she said.

Provost Dr. Thomas Burns told the Vision more information would be available once the necessary processes are completed. Updates will be provided as more information is released.


Belmont hires 3 counselors, according to Provost Dr. Thomas Burns. Clickhere for the full story update.

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