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Greek organizations raise more than $17,000 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Sunday night was the first and only performance of the long anticipated, srat-wide Greek Sing. Admission was admittedly steeper than the usual $2 gigs students are used to, but the $15 entrance fee was donated to a noble cause: St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

By the end of the evening’s performance, more than $17,000 was raised for the “Greek-wide” philanthropy.

Phi Mu won the Greek-wide competition for the second year in a row.

“Greek Week” may have only a seven-day run, but Greek Sing, the week’s headliner of sorts, took months of dedicated practice from hundreds of Greek students.

“We start right at the beginning of the semester and we go until Greek Sing,” said Wendy Winn, Kappa Alpha Theta’s Greek Sing director.

This was Winn’s fourth year being involved with Greek Sing but her first time directing. She, along with a small leadership team, conducted 120 women, more than half of the sorority, in an intricate and elaborate performance.

“It’s an exciting and fun experience to be able to lead your sorority like that,” said Winn.

Sorority members put in long hours in the weeks leading up to the performance coordinating practices, editing audio tracks, creating set pieces and choreographing dance numbers, said Winn.

“I just tried to schedule everything else around practices,” said Winn. “I may have had a few meltdowns, but that’s normal for anyone senior year anyways,”

For Winn, all the work and stress going into the show was worth it for her and her sorority sisters.

“Seeing how excited they were to not only to have given such a great show but also to know that they did it because they wanted to show the love they have for their sisters, show the love they have for Greek life and most importantly to raise money for such an amazing cause,” Winn said.

After months of practices, sleepless nights and last minute disasters, Greek Sing has come and gone. Win or lose, all participants can look back on their hard work and see the very tangible reward of $17,000 raised for St. Jude.

“In the long run, especially it being senior year, it was a very fulfilling experience just to be able to work with that many of your sisters and for a cause that is so great,“ said Winn “After it’s all over you can breathe and realize, ‘wow, we really did accomplish something great, and we did it for a really good reason.’”

This article was written by Paula Ramirez.

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