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More than just a photo

What exactly does it take to excel in the world of multimedia? Belmont senior Blythe Thomas knows all about what it means to thrive in the entertainment industry, and she’s just getting started.

Starting off with gigs ranging anywhere from photographing sporting events at the Curb Events Center to shooting popular musicians at the Country Music Association’s annual CMA fest, Thomas has been involved with multiple areas of the entertainment industry for nine years now and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

“I never want to put myself in a box,” said Thomas.

Thomas works mainly in photography but has grown her brand in film, brand and website design, public relations, and marketing. Thomas’s goal is to create a “creative direction” in collaboration with her clients.

Thomas has gone to great lengths to ensure each individual client has a unique and comfortable experience, whether that means creating a playlist of each client’s favorite artists to play at shoots or grabbing their favorite coffee for them ahead of time.

“My goal is to take honest photos that reflect my style as well as my clients’ personality,” says Thomas “So my first and foremost priority is my client’s experience. I value that far above the product itself.”

Thomas attributes much of her success to the confidence she has built within herself through involvement with organizations like her sorority Kappa Alpha Theta.

“Theta gave me confidence in small things such as conversation and networking as well as in bigger things like taking leadership.”

Thomas will be graduating in December with a degree in mass communications. In the spring she will be working as a photographer and editor for Native magazine. In the future, Thomas hopes to have a family while maintaining her passion for multimedia and aspires to one day capture musicians for a living.

“I always want to stay humble and restless, I’m always looking for opportunities to grow and improve. You’ve got to be all in, all the time.”

Article by Riley Wallace and Sarah Ritter.

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